The Pine Barrens needs to be protected because there is no place like it anywhere else in the world. Its mix of environmental rarities, historical sites, inventions and unique culture blend together to create this amazing place that covers 22 percent of the state of New Jersey.


  • Our country’s first national reserve
  • Largest ¬†area of open space between Boston, Massachusetts and Richmond, Virginia
  • Over 17 trillion gallons of what is considered the purest water on the face of the earth lie below the soil (this amount of water would cover the entire state ten feet deep)
  • Plant species like the bog asphodel and animals like the Pine Barrens tree frog exist nowhere else in the world
  • 54 plant and 44 animal species on the endangered and threatened species list live here
  • Low bush blueberry cultivated here



  • Last documented land engagement of the Revolutionary War
  • John Mason invented and patented his famous “Mason jar”
  • Amelia Earhart parachuted from a tower erected here
  • Captain Emilio Carranza – the “Mexican Lindbergh” crashed on his goodwill flight in July 1928
  • Explosion of the Hindenburg on May 6, 1937
  • World’s first supersonic anti-aircraft guided missile system (1944)
  • Oldest original intact bar in America
  • World’s 8th tallest structure – Tuckerton Wireless – 1914 to 1955 (also the second tallest radio tower in the US at the time and the most powerful one in the US)

  • Creation of world’s first cranberry sauce
  • “Unfermented wine” – known better as grape juice – was invented here
  • Unique culture with its own “language”
  • Birthplace of Universalism
  • Home of the fastest board track in the country – Atlantic City Raceway – 1926